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Order Customized Music Mixes for House Party

So, your birthday, house warming, graduation party, engagement party, kids birthday party, wedding anniversary, basement party, gathering of few friends in the house to celebrate life is coming up soon. But you do not want to or cannot afford a deejay. You definitely want the best selection of music to play for the entertainment of guests and visitors. What do you do?

Event Details

We have made this process to order your music mix or selection very easy and fast. You can contact DJ EL directly on the floating chat messenger or answer few questions that will us know the best music mix to compile for you.

Set Up Loud Speakers

If you want to rent speakers and microphones, please contact us and we will be happy to assist setup and take down for a fee.

Other Bookings

You can also book for virtual online events with DJ EL. Select Book Now to get started.

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