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Terms Conditions and Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 15, 2023


Getting a qualified and reliable audio visual crew for your wedding or any special event - private or public has never been easy. DJ EL and Crew (our/we/us) have created an online platform where our customers (fans, clients, user, you, your) can contact deejays photographers, event planners, caterers, cake designers, hall decorators, lighting technicians, emcees, comedians, dancers, bands and many other form of entertainers and service rendering crew from just one spot - (our website).

At this moment, our website is setup for customers to be able to book DJ EL for events as well as read and see what DJ EL has done and can do for customer's musical entertainment as permitted by our DJ License.

Engaging our services indicates that you agree with our terms and conditions. 


For the terms, all we ask is that you apply a sense of responsibility and respect for us, our website and fellow customers. Follow the guidelines, as well as the reservation terms and conditions provided. Communicate responsibly if leaving a comment, and refrain from using derogatory remarks. 

The audio and video clips presented on our website are for entertainment and promotional purpose only and does not indicate ownership of material unless indicated. 




Our mission is to deliver our best quality of service, in a progressive and innovative manner, following entertainment industry standards. Our guarantee is that we offer our clients top quality service and entertainment within our agreement or your money back.

In order to make this possible, we will work with our clients to determine what constitutes quality service within available budget or at an affordable and fair rate. We offer all our clients the opportunity to compare price rates given the quality of service we render. No matter the budget finalized, we always bring our best show all the time.

Unless specifically instructed; All our services require a non refundable part payment for reservation of dates and complete payment before rendering service. 


Clients can call or text our phone number provided, email us, or book online using our website. Payments can also be made on our website or through email transfer, cash or check. Date reserved shall be considered booked where our contract is signed and returned and or the minimum required deposit is made weeks before the event. Our service is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We are open to arranging an alternative or substitute service personnel where required or deemed necessary.



If for any reason a client makes a payment and would like to cancel the booking or reservation after payment has been made, we may issue a full refund if ALL the following conditions have been met.


(a) Event date is at least one month or more ahead

(b) We are able to to secure another booking of equal or greater capacity for same date

(c) Any other affiliate or crew member conditions have been met (please confirm with affiliates and vendors if any, when discussing service details/requirements) 

We take every reservation very serious and prepare accordingly, to provide excellent and memorable experience.

We do not take credit for the music we play, and the DJ license we have is our way of obtaining permission to play selected music for your listening pleasure.


We consider the privacy of all our clients and fans with utmost priority and would not broadcast or share name or any information regarding your private events that are not advertised publicly by the hosts, guests or promoters. Unless otherwise directed.

We would NEVER share your email with any other person, company or group without obtaining written permission from you (or email owner), unless it is a requirement of the laws of the land following all due process. All fans or users that contact us for deejay bookings are treated as confidential, and such information would not be made public by us, unless otherwise informed by user or a body with such an authority. 


We take pride in what we do, and our goal is to make our clients happy, such that they can refer us to friends and family for more services. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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