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Above the Clouds

Members Only Benefits

Unique musical experience reserved for members only. Get inside scoop with DJ EL

Be The First

Be the first person to receive updates on new products, mixes, events, news and hot music releases through our beautiful newsletter delivered right to your inbox.

Get Featured

For members that have public events, business, album, or program they would like featured on our social media profile, radio station or website.

Discounts and gifts

Members get additional discounts on their events pricing, including additional gift items and services that will help make your party grand. 

No Spam

We promise never to spam your email with unnecessary data. Our newsletter and notifications contain only pertinent information about our products and services.

Referrals and Collaborations

We refer services and products of our members through word of mouth, and they are the first we contact for event collaborations. Sign up and reserve a spot.

Events Inside Scoop

Booking a hall for wedding, birthday or any event, we keep our members informed on unique event locations so they can make the best choice of halls for their next event.

Access to More Event Videos

DJ EL Music portal offers exclusive insight to what DJ EL has been doing and how he gets people moving on the dance floor. Join us and see more.

Refill Customized Mixes

Members who order our USB Package get monthly refills of curated tracks of their favourite genre for promotional listening purposes only.

More Membership Options

  • Starter

    Every month
    minimal basic access
    • Listen to complete DJ mixes
    • Access all visitor website items
    • Get regular notifications
  • Full

    Every month
    supporters of art and entertainment
    Valid for 12 months
    • receive personalized party mixes
    • access to all basic features
    • discounts on events
  • VIP

    Every month
    extra access and rewards
    Valid for 12 months
    • 52 CD Party Mixes by DJ EL
    • 52 DVD Video mixes by DJ EL

More Testimonials

DJ EL Calgary.png


If you are looking for the best DJ in town, then you are in the right place; Knowing DJ EL over 7 years ago, I have never seen disappointment. I have attended his shows numerous times and the ambience is always full of energy.

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