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Best Wedding and Birthday Event Programs

The program of events should be organized in such a way that guests know what to expect and are prepared to be entertained, thrilled, party, have fun, be happy at your wedding or birthday celebration. This is from the start of your event, up till closing time. Your guests need to know your event start time and closing time.


Planning an event program is not very easy because there could be many parts and uncertainties involved for that event to go as planned. Planning for the unexpected might feel like a huge burden that no one wants to bear. Our form is setup with you in mind. To help you see all the parts that might be required to create seamlessly flowing event.

Some of the things that should be on your event program are listed below.

Event Start Time: Your program must have event start time, as well as what will be happening at that time. Your vendors must be ready, at least 15 minutes or more, earlier than your start time.

A sample program of event could be,

Event Start time: 5:00 PM.

Activity: DJ playing soft background music or Jazz. MC welcoming and interacting with guests. Photographers taking pictures.

Add any activity you think will interest the guest so they don't miss it. This helps set the mood for the type of event you are having. Guests are able to interact, mingle, take pictures while the fresh look is on. It also helps guest arrive on time.

If the guests know the start time and closing time, also what will be happening at that time, your event will flow in a natural symphony. This will also help the deejay to organize his/her playlist to match with the flow.

Introduction and Welcome: 6:00PM

Activity: Event coordinator welcomes guests and introduces MC or speaker or Pastor. MC welcomes guests and introduces speakers.

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