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Learn to Deejay at House Party Like a Pro

Updated: May 13

Anyone can put together good selections of music and mix them in a good flow from start to finish of the party following the steps outlined below. This is how easy it is in 3 points.

  • Get a laptop: This will really make you look like an expert or professional deejay. Any laptop that has internet connection and you can download and play Virtual DJ application will work.

  • Launch your browser and go this website address then click on the Download button, click on Windows or Mac OS depending if you have a Windows computer or Mac computer.

  • After the installation, go here and get solid DJ EL mixes. Load on the software and jam your session.

Depending on who you are playing for, there are many genre of music mixes that play for at least one hour twenty minutes. These are all non-stop continuous flow of hot music for dance party or slow love tunes. It is also age and language appropriate.

If you really want your music to be a hit, then get some nice speakers here. You can connect them directly to your computer or if you want to take a step further, buy a mixer or deejay controller from DJ EL shop.

Playing music for others to dance is fulfilling and rewarding. It is fun to learn how to deejay. DJ EL music studios offer deejay lessons that gets you from beginner or whatever stage you are in disc jockey to expert level.

Have any question? Let us know and we will be happy to help!

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