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How to Setup and Host Event on Zoom (virtual Party)

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

With lock-down measures due to Covid-19, it is difficult keeping contact with all members of the family and friends. Birthdays are celebrated with few presents and family members, and that is not as exciting as having more family and friends as part of the event.

Install Zoom and Setup Your login and First Event

Some people would not setup a Zoom/Virtual event because it is not the same as the live event, and there could be glitches and unpredicted technical issues they may not be able to handle.

This is where DJ EL comes in. DJ EL has been working in the technical support field for many years and knows most computer applications and how they function. Below are easy steps to follow when setting up Zoom for private event.

Go to Zoom and Follow Installation Prompts

Go to and fill out your information to signup - if you do not have a login already. Please note that if you have a Gmail address, or Facebook account, you can use that option to sign in/login to Zoom.

To login or sign in with Google, select Google or Facebook for Facebook login.

Once logged in, you can setup a meeting from the "Schedule a Meeting" button highlighted below.

This should bring up a fillable form that you fill based on your event name and date. Note the highlighted box will show if you have a basic (free) account for Zoom (like mine).

For the next options staring from the Video, you can select to turn off videos for Host and or Participant, or you can set them to "on". You could also select any of the boxes (add a check mark to it) if you want to execute any of the Meeting options. Click Save when done to save your event.

Once saved, there is a link you can click to copy the meeting invitation details to send out to your friends via WhatsApp or email or text.

Your invitation will look like this.

And with this sent out to your friends, the virtual party is set to begin when scheduled. You will also see the option to start the party immediately (if you wanted to start immediately too).

And that's how easy it is to setup a meeting or party on Zoom.

More uploads coming on other things you can do while doing a presentation, playing video or even music.

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