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How to Join and Use Zoom

Updated: May 24

Attending Zoom Events

Despite Covid-19 and lockdowns, people are still finding ways to connect with friends, family and loved ones. Most people are using Zoom (our application of focus) for family get together, birthday party, association meeting and any fun event or activities hosted online.

This post is for the guest who receives an invitation to join a Zoom meeting or event.

zoom invitation
zoom invitation

If you receive a zoom invitation link with Meeting ID and Password, click on the link to join the event.

Depending on who sent the link, it might require you to enter the Meeting ID and Password provided, as well as your name after that. Otherwise, when you click the link, it will bring you directly to a zoom meeting website.

  1. If you will be attending more zoom events in the future, check this box to skip this step.

  2. Click on Open Zoom Meetings to join the meeting or event.

If the host has not yet started the meeting or event, you will see the screen below. Click on the yellow highlighted button (Test Computer Audio) to test the audio and microphone of your computer.

This will bring you to the Settings screen.

  1. Click on Test Speaker and you should hear a sound play, if you have the correct speaker connected and selected.

  2. Click on Test Mic and start talking. The application will attempt to record and replay your voice if your microphone is connected.

We suggest turning down your speaker or computer audio volume for this test. Video below shows guest testing speaker and mic sound/volume.

Adjust your speaker output and microphone input level to match what is comfortable for you, or leave the way it is. You can also click on the video button (located above the Audio button) to see how your video appears.

Next post link added here to show how to setup your video if your computer has video camera.

If your device does not have video camera or you do not wish to join with video, click on the X at top right corner of screen to close the audio tests.

If the meeting has started, but the host has not admitted you into the meeting room, you will see the message below. This screen will disappear as soon as the host admits you. You will not see this option if the host did not enable waiting room.

The Join Audio screen below allows you to Join with Computer Audio. If you check the box at the bottom of this screen, then your computer will join future events using your computer audio.

If your computer has video camera or you have webcam connected to your computer, you may see the Video Preview screen to Join with Video or Join without Video.

Once you are admitted into the meeting room, you will see the host and or participants.

Some hosts may setup the meeting such that anyone that joins would be automatically muted. Also if you did not join with video or you do not want others to see you or hear you, make sure there is a red line across the mic and video icons located at the bottom left hand corner of the Zoom screen.

This way you can see others who have video turned on, but they will not see you. Also you can hear others if anyone is talking or music is playing. But no one will hear you if your mic is muted. To unmute or start video, click on the microphone or video icon respectively (if enabled). Anytime there is no red diagonal line on these icons, it means others can see and hear you.

If you want to send a message or chat with everyone, click on the chat icon (see red arrow). This will show the chat area (towards the right side) with the default option to send to everyone. When you type a message on the area that says Type message here... then you hit enter on your keyboard, it will send the message to everyone in the meeting.

You can click the drop-down menu beside Everyone and select the name of an individual (guest or host) to send private message. The check mark will then show beside the name of the person you selected. it will stay there until you select the drop-down again and chose another participant or everyone.

At this point you are in the meeting or event and if your audio and mic test went well, you can hear and see (if others have their video turned on) what is going on in the meeting.

To do other things like setting up background image go to our next presentation.

Once the meeting or event is concluded the host can end the meeting and this will close your session/zoom screen. You can also chose to the leave the meeting by closing the browser or application window.

Select the red Leave button or Alt+Q using your keyboard to leave the meeting at anytime.

Select Leave Meeting button to confirm you really want to leave.

If you want to run a test with your computer or mobile device, send us a message and will will send you the link to our test room.

Set up Zoom meeting as Host

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